At Roundhouse we work alongside you through your entire project process. We will undertake the entire build process through the following stages giving help and support at every stage.

Stage 1

All of the materials arrive on site on the back of a single trailer and are unloaded carefully in order of erection.

Stage 2

The kingpin is put in place ready to start the metalwork. The fabric roof is attached.

Stage 3

The fabric roof is carefully unrolled over the first half of the truss work before the remainder of the truss work is attached.

Stage 4

The rafter and cantilever are attached and all of the metal work bolts are tightened.

Stage 5

The roof is tensioned on the ground using steel cables and the rainwater harvesting system is completed.

Stage 6 

The roof is constructed on the ground before being raised, using hydraulics, up the centre pin, when the legs are dropped in to place - simple!!